About the Weed Repository

Weed Repository is an electronic database that helps basically in identification of weed taxa. Weed identification means the process of recognition of a weed and to get its accepted scientific name with taxonomic authentication. Vegetative mimicry of many plants and presence of genetic diversity at species as well as intra-specific levels make identification of weeds a difficult task. To make the identification process easy, this database has been created, so that, through it one can recognize unknown weed species by searching through key words. The key words selected for recognition of weed species are nothing but the terminologies used in weed classification, as well as the name of the associated crops.

In this database, when a weed is searched, one can get not only the universally accepted scientific name, but also its synonyms, vernacular names, common name(s), important morphological description, flowering and fruiting times, name of the associated crops, few ecological information as well as a clear picture along with some additional information incorporated in a pdf file. Knowledge also keeps changing with new information pouring in, thus this database will be dynamic with a scope to add on or modify the contents built in it.

The aim of the Weed Repository is to maximize the impact of scientific research and teaching on diversity, taxonomy and phyto-geography of weed taxa for their sustainable management to enhance crop production and environmental protection. It is expected that this database will fulfill the common need of weed identification to a great extent. It is created and designed by Dr. Iswar Chandra Barua, Angiosperm Taxonomist & Principal Scientist, AICRP on Weed Management, AAU, Jorhat , Dr. Jayanta Deka Weed Agronomist & Dean, Faculty of Agriculture, AAU, Jorhat and Mr. Aditya Pratap Chetia (Developer). They want to put on record their sincere gratitude and heartfelt acknowledgement to Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat and ICAR-Directorate of Weed Research, Jabalpur for providing facilities. Constructive suggestions are always a subject of appreciation to improve the database for the benefit of end-users.

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